Focus: Temptation Is Apart Of The Human Experience -- It’s Not Evil

Developed: Structured, Ambitious, Disciplined, Patient

Underdeveloped: Shy, Pessimistic, Boring, Stubborn

{FIRSTNAME}, since the sun was under the sign of Capricorn the day you were born, you’ve embodied the mystical, dominating energy of the Seagoat and The Devil card. 

That’s right -- you don’t just embody the odd Seagoat creature that can dominate both the waters and the land, but your sign is also divinely connected to The Devil card as your personalized Sacred Tarot Birth Card -- and that’s not anything to fear. 

You probably already feel this, {FIRSTNAME}, but sometimes you may sacrifice too much of yourself to reach the bigger goal. 

The Devil card isn’t inherently evil. 

It actually symbolizes charm, enchantment, temptation, and the human desires that we all have, but sometimes are too shy to share or indulge in. It can also represent gluttony and overindulgence -- the key here is balance.  

As an ambitious, grounded earth sign with cardinal energy, you let nothing get in the way of your reaching your goals. 

But… The Devil card is here to remind you that when you don’t acknowledge your shadow self -- those temptations and human desires -- there is a part of you that will remain stagnant. 

The Devil card depicts the mystical entity sitting on a mountain while humans appear to be chained to the bottom of it, indulging in all different types of animalistic behaviors. The Fool on its journey declares that The Devil will not be able to distract him from his journey, chaining him to the mountain like the others. 

The Devil humorously points out that the people are not chained to the mountain, they simply think that they are, revealing that the chains are loose enough for them to simply remove them themselves. 

He points to the top of the mountain where liberated humans have traveled past the base of the tempting mountain to reach their goals.

Don’t you see, {FIRSTNAME}? 

The Devil card invites you to acknowledge both parts of yourself -- your identity is not just based on your material success. 

You are a soul that is here to live the human experience in all of its highs and lows. 

You’re here to experience all facets of life in balance. It’s okay to safely indulge every once in a while! You will still be successful.