Some of the most difficult lessons we must learn in this life happen to come from our family, {FIRSTNAME}.

Unfortunately, in order for us to learn lessons on a soul level -- to truly learn them and remember them -- there needs to be emotion attached to them. 

There’s an old saying that goes, “Someone may not remember exactly what happened to them, but they’ll definitely remember how it made them feel.” 

This rings so true when you have conflicts between the people that you love the most. 

Really, your family is the first group of people that first taught you about love. 

So when there is a riff between those you care about, it can feel like your whole world doesn’t make sense. 

Right now more than ever, we should be trying to create close-knit bonds with the people that are closest to us. 

Although the energy is calling us all to do that, many of us are having to deal with issues that we’ve never had before. 

I mean, when was the last time that you were forced to be in the house with your family for more than a couple of days straight? 

It can be difficult! There are personalities clashing all over the planet which are truly bringing suppressed issues to the surface. 

And I’m not surprised that you are worried about your family, {FIRSTNAME}. It’s actually a good thing to care about the conflict you’re facing right now. 

It shows that you want to reconcile, but first, you must take care of yourself. 

You see, if you are not fulfilling your life mission, it affects your happiness, which affects the relationships with people all around you. 

The same goes for your mom, your dad, your siblings, and your distant family, too! 

When people are happy, they have better communication skills and they inspire and encourage those around them rather than projecting their ideas of how life should be onto them, {FIRSTNAME}. 

I’ve discovered that when these same clients with family concerns begin walking their divine Soul Path, abundance of all types (including cohesive family life) flows freely into their lives. 

If you want to create a tight-knit bond with your loved ones, the best thing you can do is learn about yourself and your divine soul mission. 

I will share some insights with you in just a minute about exactly how you can discover your divine Soul Path and what you can start doing today to begin fulfilling it. 

Change doesn’t happen overnight, {FIRSTNAME}. 

In fact, the most growth happens when you’re able to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to become the best version of yourself, which is emotionally intelligent, spiritually inclined, and showing up confidently in the world. 

There’s no doubt in my mind that you came here to do very important work -- work that is going to positively impact the planet forever. 

You’ll see, {FIRSTNAME}...

Once you start living your own divine truth, you’ll experience what true happiness feels like inside the home and outside. 

And when you do that, your concerns about your family will no longer be an issue for you.