One of the biggest pieces of this huge human experience puzzle is learning to manifest wealth and abundance

It doesn’t surprise me that you’re worried about your finances, {FIRSTNAME}. In fact, many people usually are -- but especially now financial stability is a hot topic. 

Even though you may feel like it, you’re not alone! 

Unfortunately, money is just one of those subjects that we’re programmed not to talk about much. 

Truly, this is counterproductive because if we did discuss finances more, we might all learn this secret that the powers that be don’t want us to know: 

We live in an abundant universe -- there’s enough to go around for all of us, even in a pandemic! 

There are people all over the world that are facing unemployment. 

Others have had to start working twice as hard to get their business off the ground. 

And a lot of people have burned through their savings just trying to hang on...

But, {FIRSTNAME}, I want you to know that the reason for your financial struggles is one I see quite a bit when I do readings for my clients. 

Like I mentioned earlier, wealth and abundance is just one part of the puzzle here on your divine soul mission. 

In fact, these lessons must be learned early on so that you can fulfill your divine Soul Path! 

You see, when people are not fulfilling their life mission, abundance doesn’t flow easily in their lives. 

This theory also works adversely: when people are not in a vibration of attractions, they are not granted the abundant freedom to fulfill their life mission. 

Do you see how it goes hand in hand, {FIRSTNAME}? 

But... when you can learn what is truly destined for you on your Soul Path, abundance flows freely into your life. 

I will share some insights with you in just a minute about exactly how you can discover more about your unique mission and what you can start doing today to begin fulfilling it. 

Change usually doesn’t happen overnight, {FIRSTNAME} -- but a shift in your mindset can flip the switch of abundance on in your favor. 

There’s no doubt in my mind that you came here to do very important work -- work that is going to positively impact the planet forever. 

You’ll see, {FIRSTNAME}...

Once you start living your own divine truth, you’ll experience this wave of relief as material wealth as well as freedom and time become second nature to you! 

And when you do that, your worries about financial stability will fade far from your mind once and for all.