Focus: Delivering the Truth -- No Matter What!

Developed: Flexible, Open-Minded, Well-Spoken, Intelligent 

Underdeveloped: Fickle, Superficial, Indecisive, Anxious

{FIRSTNAME}, since the sun was under the sign of Gemini the day you were born, you’ve embodied the skill of recognizing truth from the Twins and The Lovers. 

That’s right -- you don’t just embody the sharp tongue of the chatty Twins, but your sign is also divinely connected to The Lovers as your personalized Sacred Tarot Birth Card. 

You probably already feel this, {FIRSTNAME}, but you’re called to pick the brain of everyone around you -- you’re constantly searching for the truth. 

Your natural ability to intellectually dig comes with a lot of responsibility.  You’re willing to go to great mental and emotional lengths to discover true authenticity. 

In fact, genuineness is the thing that you respect the most -- but you have to decipher through a lot of people, information, and experiences to find that. 

The soul mission delivered to you from the Lovers card does have to do with love necessarily, although that can resonate as truth as well. 

The Lovers card is actually delivering the energy of choice and will, which makes sense as to why it’s duty was bestowed upon you, double-sided Gemini. 

The tale of the Lovers card unfolds as the Fool on the card stumbles upon a beautiful woman at a fork in the road -- he doesn’t just fall for her beauty, he knows that she is his true love because everything about her resonates with him on a soul level. 

However, he knows that his journey would be much easier if he traveled alone, but he recognizes that he may risk regretting leaving the one thing that he knows to be true if he does not choose to take her with him. 

The Lovers card calls upon your ability to decipher the truth and make decisions based on what resonates with your soul. 

This choice also calls forth the obligation to take accountability for the choices you make, find a balance between different areas of your life, and develop creative solutions to problems using your innate intellectual nature. 

You came here to teach people what it takes to truly find the truth and commit to it. 

Don’t forget to keep your travels light-hearted and childlike, {FIRSTNAME}. Whenever you step into your soul purpose and decide to follow your truth, that does not mean that it has to be hard.