Judgment - Ruled by Pluto

Light Energy: Choice, Chance, Call to Action

Shadow Energy: Ignoring the Call, Inner-Critic, Stagnation

Planetary Attributes: Rebirth, Transformation, Profound Change

You probably feel different, {FIRSTNAME}. 

It’s because Archangel Gabriel, the messenger of the Universe, has called upon you with his trumpet of change! 

Right now, you’re being called by all of your spirit guides, angels, and ancestors to raise your vibration and elevate your consciousness. 

Because change doesn’t happen overnight, you’ll soon find that the people you used to hang out with can no longer match your rising frequency. 

You may grow out of a job, home, or even a partnership -- but don’t worry, {FIRSTNAME}. This means that you’re evolving as a person to move closer to your divine soul purpose. 

The challenge is to stay spiritually connected while you make these transitions in your life. 

Integration is a word that you should lean towards at this time in your life. 

It’s okay to recount where you’ve come from, but don’t take your past with you if you want to continue evolving to this next level in your life. 

In fact, I’ve found it helpful in my readings to recall on the card that comes right before the current card we pulled. Since The Sun falls right before The Judgement card, this should remind you that you’re already so attractive and in tune to the flow of abundance. 

Just like The Sun, you have mastered the ability to draw in everything that you need, creating a world that revolves around you. 

So why are you fearful of losing people, things, and changing circumstances when presented with the call to raise your consciousness? 

If you don’t retreat and stay true to your divine soul path, literally the world will be at your fingertips. 

No seriously, {FIRSTNAME}  -- the next card after The Judgement card is The World, signifying that the world is yours for the taking!