Focus: Understand That Objectivity Can Lead to Balance

Developed: Charismatic, Romantic, Fair, Diplomatic

Underdeveloped: Unreliable, Detached, Indecisive, Superficial

{FIRSTNAME}, since the sun was under the sign of Libra the day you were born, you’ve embodied the power of balance of the Scales and The Justice card. 

That’s right -- you don’t just embody the fairness of the Scales, but your sign is also divinely connected to The Justice card as your personalized Sacred Tarot Birth Card. 

You probably already feel this, {FIRSTNAME}, but you have a knack for helping others see that there are always two sides to every story. 

The Justice card is represented by a blindfolded woman holding the balancing scales. She doesn’t value one perspective over the other, which is why she is blindfolded. Rather, she values listening to the facts and using her mind to find a logical solution to problems.   

As a cardinal air sign, your soul came here to harness the power of finding balance by using your mind. You’re already incredibly kind and inviting, which allows you to settle into your natural diplomacy with others. 

However, since you are always concerned with helping everyone get along, you have to be sure to maintain a neutral and logical stance rather than leaning towards people-pleasing. 

If you are going to make any concrete decision, it should always be the decision that is best for you, not anyone else.

Spend more time focusing on making decisions and holding yourself accountable for the ripple effects of that decision -- good or bad. Your soul wishes to evolve from the vibration experiencing “consequences.” All you have to do is change your perspective, {FIRSTNAME}, to acknowledge that you’ve simply learned from making that decision.