Love life

Ouch! Having problems with love and relationships is miserable, {FIRSTNAME}. I know this very well myself, having lived in broken relationships most of my adult life.  

And as you may guess, it's also the 2nd biggest issue I get in readings!

In my experience, after conducting thousands of intuitive readings relating to love issues... they are usually a result of not fulfilling your life mission and true CALLING. 

You see my dear, if you are not fulfilling your life mission and feeling happy about yourself, it affects your VIBRATION

And your vibration is what makes you attractive (or not) to others.

We all are attracted to people who are happy and confident. Who know what they want in life. And who are passionate about the work they are doing.

But... when you are walking your divine Soul Path, love flows freely into your life like a mighty unstoppable river.

And, {FIRSTNAME}, it may very well be that you too, are not yet fulfilling your own mission. 

Here's a simple trick to find out if this is true, or not.

Ask yourself this question "Am I EXCITED to do the work I do?"

If not, that's a surefire sign something is wrong. And this literally OOZES out of your pores, and Aura.

I don’t want you to be concerned though, {FIRSTNAME}, because... 

I will share some additional insights with you in just a minute about how to dramatically shift your love life and relationships by igniting your divine Soul Path that is only meant for YOU!

And when you do that, your worries about love will no longer be a concern for you. At ALL!

I can see a very bright future for you, {FIRSTNAME}. So hang in there because you are only taking the first step today, very soon your life will look and feel totally different.



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