{FIRSTNAME}, as I’m sure you know, you are a Sagittarius, the Archer. 

But… did you know that Sagittarius is connected to the Temperance card? 

The Temperance card reveals a need to find balance, combine forces with others, tackle problems calmly, and make decisions only after careful planning.

You are an intense person as a Fire sign with mutable energy. And you are incredibly optimistic, honest, independent, philosophical, expansive, and adventurous.

You also are very ambitious, spontaneous, and charismatic, {FIRSTNAME}. 

But… you need to make sure to work on your weaknesses - impatience, unreliability, flakiness, and nosiness. 

And you need to spend more time focusing on the details, and keeping yourself accountable to following through with your goals.

Take the time to stop and smell the roses instead of just focusing on where you want to be. Remember it’s about the journey, not the destination, {FIRSTNAME}!

Setting lofty goals, creating a detailed plan of action to achieve them, and realizing that you must be patient with yourself as you work to attain them will give you a much better result.