Focus: Endings Are Just New Beginnings in Disguise

Developed: Focused, Brave, Loyal, Intuitive

Underdeveloped: Possessive, Vengeful, Negative, Manipulative

{FIRSTNAME}, since the sun was under the sign of Scorpio the day you were born, you’ve embodied the power of transformation from the Phoenix and The Death card. 

That’s right -- you don’t just embody the power of change from the Phoenix, but your sign is also divinely connected to The Death card as your personalized Sacred Tarot Birth Card. 

You probably already feel this, {FIRSTNAME}, but you have a knack for seeing deep into the soul of others. 

In fact, it kind of freaks people out that you seem to know their deepest, darkest secrets. 

Your profound intuition is fueled by your natural ability to see what needs to be changed on the most intimate levels. 

The Death card symbolizes deep change and transformation and as a Scorpio, your soul mission is to undergo many transformations in your life. Honestly, you chose to be here to maximize your soul evolution and help others do the same. 

As a fixed water sign, you feel everything much more than most people and can become very attached to those emotions. 

Sometimes, it’s hard to understand why others aren’t as loyal or determined as you, but this is where your lessons lie: you must be able to detach in order to transform.

In your highest vibration, you’re incredibly honest, ambitious, discerning, and intuitive. 

However, a Scorpio in a low vibration can be borderline dangerous through possessiveness, negativity, jealousy, and resenting vengeful behavior. In order to be truly happy, you must invite in the transmuting energy of the phoenix and accept the medicine of The Death card -- that all things must come to an end one day, but that just presents an opportunity for something new to emerge.