Focus: Establishing Tradition Through Divine Wisdom and Guidance

Developed: Abundant, Luxurious, Determined, Dependable

Underdeveloped: Stubborn, Resistant to Change, Stagnant, Materialistic

{FIRSTNAME}, since the sun was under the sign of Taurus the day you were born, you’ve embodied the strength of the Bull and The Hierophant. 

That’s right -- you don’t just embody the persistence and strength of the Bull, but your sign is also divinely connected to The Hierophant as your personalized Sacred Tarot Birth Card. 

You probably already feel this, {FIRSTNAME}, but you are much more spiritually inclined and wise than most people may give you credit for. 

As a fixed earth sign, it makes sense that you have a very important soul mission to accomplish -- bringing spirituality down to earth

This comes with a lot of responsibility and your spirit guides and angels knew that you would be able to accomplish this because of the commitment you bring as a Taurus.

However, it is important to remind yourself what you’re really here to do -- you may be tempted to focus on material wealth as you’re ruled by the abundant planet, Venus. 

But Venus doesn’t just bring forth wealthy energy -- it brings forth the energy of unconditional love and acceptance, the basis of spirituality. 

We as humans -- you included, {FIRSTNAME}  -- can become easily distracted by the practical matters of earth, but the Hierophant reminds you that you should be mindful of what you consistently give your energy to because it will manifest

You came here to be an important teacher, to help others tap into their intuition, and trust that no matter what

These are the only things that you should remain fixated on though, my bullheaded friend! 

Be mindful of when your intuition guides you to accept change in your life and be open to make adjustments when it’s necessary. 

After all, one of the divine soul lessons of the Hierophant is that the only thing that is constant in this life is change.