The High Priestess - Ruled by The Moon

The High Priestess - Ruled by The Moon

Feminine Energy · Wisdom · Intuition · Empathetic · Virtue

It is important to pay attention to your dreams right now, {FIRSTNAME}.

This is a time when you might receive powerful messages from the Universe in your dreams. So keep a notepad and pen by your bed to jot them down.

You could have an important decision to make at this time that requires acquiring some knowledge you don’t yet have.

You need to pay more attention to your intuition than to logic right now. Use your heart, not your head.

A person who is close to you may lend a helping hand by sharing their intuitive insights with you soon.

Also be aware that there could be hidden influences or information that you don’t see right now, so be a bit cautious and trust your instincts, {FIRSTNAME}.