The Magician - Ruled by Mercury

Light Energy: Original, Alchemist, Skillful, Mastery, Gifted

Shadow Energy: Manipulative, Confused, Deceitful, Misdirected Power

Planetary Attributes: Communication, Intelligence, Organization, Resourceful

Wow, {FIRSTNAME}, I had a very intense feeling that you were a force to be reckoned with, but this card says a lot about the power of your mind! 

You are truly one-of-a-kind and have the ability to create whatever you wish to create in this lifetime. 

The Universal energy that surrounds us is at your mercy -- all you have to do is recognize your power and channel it correctly. 

Of course, this comes with a lot of responsibility. 

The Magician card is Mercury-ruled and air-related, meaning that this is a very mentally stimulated card.

You are someone that has the power to morph your reality into what you truly want it to be. The challenge here is to maintain an uplifted, positive attitude so that a prosperous reality can be created. 

If you stay confident in your actions and stay focused on your ideas, you can have immense success. 

Alternatively, if you let yourself spiral into a negative place -- or even worse -- if you choose to use this power to manipulate those around you, your reality will reflect chaos and confusion. 

It can be helpful to remember where you just came from on your spiritual journey if you can recall the card that comes right before The Magician card: The Fool. 

The Fool brings the energy of curiosity, new beginnings, and open-mindedness since the Fool is at the very beginning of his spiritual quest. Don’t forget where you just came from -- this is just the very beginning for you. 

And if you look towards the future, {FIRSTNAME}, the next card after The Magician is The High Priestess which brings wisdom, empathy, and discernment through intuition. 

Right now, you’re being fine tuned to the positive energies of the Universe using your mind. If you continue righteously on your divine soul path, you’ll surely be connected with your divine intuition to discern what is right for you to create in your reality to fulfil your soul purpose. 

Your mind is your greatest tool, {FIRSTNAME}. Use it wisely.