The Sun - Ruled by The Sun

Light Energy: Attractive, Successful, Productive, Happy

Shadow Energy: Egotistical, Burnt Out, Low Energy, Sad

Planetary Attributes: Attraction, Logic, Performance

Are you sick of being the background singer to your own life, {FIRSTNAME}? 

Well, guess what? The Universe is saying that it’s your time to shine! 

Right now, the Sun is offering it’s attractive energy to you to aid in progressing towards your divine soul path. 

If you study the Sun, every other planet in your solar system revolves around it

This is precisely the perspective you should have, too! 

You call the shots -- no one else

Right now, it will be easier than ever to achieve your goals if you can channel The Sun’s masculine energy to get up and make your dreams a reality. 

If there’s a tremble in your voice or fear in your heart, remember where you just came from. Let’s take a look at the card that comes right before The Sun in Tarot (The Moon) since this will give you the quick reminder that you have nothing to fear. 

The Moon brings forth the energy of the subconscious or all of those thoughts, desires, mythical creatures, and dreams and nightmares that lie in the depths of our minds. 

The Moon phase of your life already invited you to face your subconscious desires. 

What is it that you really wanted when you were exploring the shadows of your mind? 

Even if your answer was darker than you may have expected, at least you were being honest and authentic with yourself. 

This is you truly understanding, accepting, and being compassionate with yourself. 

Now that The Sun is shining again, confidence is key for you to manifest those soul-resonating dreams -- but be sure to remain humble as the challenge here is to not fall into an egotistical place. 

Remember that your goals have a deeper why to them, which is what should really keep you in this attractive place of calling in abundance. 

Now is not the time to hold yourself back -- go for it! 

Before you know it, you’ll be getting the Judgment call (the next card after The Sun in Tarot) to raise your vibration to the next level. 

Are you ready, {FIRSTNAME}?