The Tower - Ruled by Mars

Light Energy: New Beginnings, Inspired Action, A Clean Slate

Shadow Energy: Confusion, Defeat, Unexpected Events 

Planetary Attributes: Aggression, Anger, Initiative, Passion

I know your first reaction may be to panic, {FIRSTNAME}, but I encourage you to take a step back and widen your perspective at this moment. 

No one “likes” to pull The Tower card, but honestly, I got excited when I saw this card for you. 

When I tapped into your energy, I could tell that you weren’t necessarily happy with your circumstances and this card signifies that the Universe has heard your call for change. 

Right now, you have an opportunity to leverage the Mars-ruled energy of inspired action through anger and disappointment. 

Even though most of us try to avoid these feelings, anger is as valid as any other emotion. In fact, they propel us into action to make the changes we need to make. 

E-motion = energy in motion. Makes sense, right?

Yes, you might feel a little vulnerable after an unexpected event takes place -- but trust that this is for your highest good. 

Sometimes, it can help to recall the card that came before the Tower card in Tarot, which happens to be The Devil card. 

Even though the Tower can feel like your whole world is tumbling down around you, you’ve already faced the scariest card of them all, {FIRSTNAME}! 

The Devil stage of your life has probably recently passed where you saw your biggest oppressor -- whether it was a bad habit, a toxic relationship, or a job that no longer served you -- and you decided to set yourself free. 

That is the only reason that this Tower card is present now. 

Since you’re deciding to be strong and tell The Devil phase in your life “NO. I want better for myself,” the world as you know it has to fall so that you can create something better. 

The challenge here is not to panic “as the tower crumbles” and look forward to the clean slate you will have once it’s done falling. 

Don’t worry, there is a silver lining. 

In fact, if you stay committed to your divine soul path, The Star card awaits you in the future. This brings forth the energy of replenishment, hope, and a brighter tomorrow.