Wheel of Fortune - Ruled by Jupiter

Light Energy: Luck, Destiny, Cycle of Life, New Direction

Shadow Energy: Seeking a Short Cut, Delay, Personal Closure 

Planetary Attributes: Expansion, Prosperity, Abundance 

Congratulations, {FIRSTNAME}! The Universe is sending you bountiful blessings as we speak! 

Right now, this is your time

You’ve most likely dealt with many hardships that caused you to question when you’re just going to be able to catch a break. 

However, your spirit guides, angels, and ancestors want you to know that they’ve been seeing you work hard to improve your circumstances. 

It can be helpful to do a little reflection when you’re unsure if you’re on the right path. If we take a look at the card that comes right before The Wheel of Fortune (The Hermit card), this can be an indicator of what you’ve recently endured to get to this exact moment in your life. 

The Hermit brings the energy of introspection and integration, a critical phase in life to recover from the long journey you’ve been on. 

But as I mentioned earlier, your spiritual network is very proud of you for coming as far as you have and they notice your effort! 

You’re about to be blessed with new opportunities, luck, and a new direction in life for all of your hard work. 

However, the challenge here is to be open to new beginnings. 

Remember, this is a true blessing, {FIRSTNAME}! 

In order to be available to all of the wondrous gifts of the Universe, be sure to release what is no longer serving you so that you don’t miss your fortune! 

To stay on track towards your divine purpose, it may be helpful if we look ahead to the next step in your journey, which happens to be the Strength card! You’re ready to celebrate and enjoy the fruits of your labor, but there is a time and place for everything. 

Just know that you have so many blessings ready to pour in now that in the future, you’re actually going to have to learn the art of balancing your desires. 

Don’t let that scare you from accepting abundance in your life right now though, {FIRSTNAME} -- you’ve earned it!