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Intuitive Reading Apprenticeship Is an Amazing First Step, But It's Not Specifically Designed To Help You Overcome FINANCIAL BURDENS [FIRSTNAME]...

It’s The #1 Problem I Hear Every Single Day! “How Can I Be Truly Happy And Living My Purpose When I’m Constantly Stressing Over Not Having Enough Money”??

That’s Why I Created A Program Specifically Designed To Help You Rewrite Your Money Story And Start Creating Wealth In A Matter Of DAYS… Not Years [FIRSTNAME]
Yes, It’s true.

In a world built around the exchange of money to survive and live, this may just be the greatest obstacle of all. 

And the worst part is, money struggles are the hardest of all to change!

First, I want to share two quick sayings with you that changed my life, [FIRSTNAME]:

Appreciation raises your vibration…


Faith raises your frequency…

As you probably already know, shifting your mindset to a place of gratitude is the best way to start being able to make positive changes in your life. 

But there’s more to this whole “gratitude” thing than most would like to tell you…
In fact, this whole world was constructed to keep you thinking small, feeling small, and focused on one big lie: that you don’t have much to be grateful for.

The truth is that we live in an abundant universe that’s just waiting to give you all the wealth, energy, time, freedom, and love that you could ever desire…
All you have to do is claim it, believe it on a conscious and subconscious level, and so it will be. 

It’s truly that simple! 

However, there are tips and tricks to help you achieve this attractive frequency that I’m excited to share with you, [FIRSTNAME]

Your spirit guides, angels, and ancestors have revealed to me that figuring this part of life out -- how to attract wealth and abundance into your life -- is existential for you to be able to truly accomplish what your soul set out to do. 

Honestly, it's pretty sad that there are far more people in this world that suffer from a lack mindset than those who are tapped into this flow of abundance.

Even those famous celebrities and politicians that appear to have all the money, power, and options in the world try to keep these secrets hidden because they themselves don’t feel like there’s enough to go around. 

I’m here to reassure you that whatever you want to have in this life is already yours. 

I’ll say it again because it’s that important….


Stop for a minute and imagine…

Would you be able to describe what a perfect day would look like?
No Seriously, [FIRSTNAME], Allow Yourself to Peer Past The Barriers of Your Limiting Beliefs…
Picture What Your Ideal Day Would Look Like From Beginning to End.
You wake up and even before you open your eyes, the lingering smell of pancakes and syrup dance around your nose...

Rolling over, you see a mouthwatering breakfast waiting for you by your bedside complete with fresh squeezed juice, a piping hot coffee, and even your favorite cheesy eggs -- your personal chef knows you all too well. 

As you gaze past your steaming hotcakes, you’re able to see a jaw dropping landscape of your green backyard and glistening infinity pool through your floor to ceiling windows... 

The bright sunlight shines through onto your tousled bed hair, but you don’t mind -- you have an appointment with your stylist later on that day before flying out of the country with your soulmate... 

Even before you’ve hopped out of bed, you have countless reasons to be grateful…

 As you slip into your fuzzy house shoes, you know that as the day continues there will be more and more blessings inevitably on their way to you...

Time is no longer a factor -- you’re never in a rush to do anything since you’ve worked alongside the universe to create a life that’s on your terms. 

As you brush your teeth, you take a moment to thank the cosmos because normally at this time, you would have been rushing to a job that you hate…

Now, you’re literally making money in your sleep, meeting the love of your life in a cabana by the beach, and having the freedom and energy to create a life without compromise. 

Just Imagine How This Would Truly Feel [FIRSTNAME]... 
Can you truly see what your dream home would look like? 

Can you picture their stature, gaze into their eyes, or smell the sweet scent of the love of your life?

Can you taste how a Michelin star chef would prepare a meal customized to your unique flavor palette?

When you begin to tap into a child-like curiosity when you imagine your dream life, a whole world of possibilities become available to you. 

That butterfly feeling that you get when conjuring this vision is your soul jumping for joy as you get into alignment with your universal power. 

You’ll start to realize that the $300 that you were stressed about for your car note will feel like a drop in the bucket when you can picture yourself in the latest Aston Martin. 

The reality is that this abundant Universe is set up to give you all of these things, [FIRSTNAME]

The reality is that anything could be yours -- you just have to believe that it can be. 

The reality is that the Universe is simply responding to your vibration.

Guess What, [FIRSTNAME]...
You've Already Taken The First Step to Manifesting ALL The Wealth, Abundance, and Prosperity You Could Ever Imagine!

Your Grandmaster Astro Tarot Reading was created to help you learn about WHO you truly are, and the universal secrets and messages that will enable you to make the right choices and build a better, more exciting future. 

Without TRULY understanding this, you can easily find yourself in the wrong relationships, or wrong career paths, or just plain old feeling unsatisfied with your life! 
I know I did... 

But... that is only the beginning of your amazing journey!

You’re about to discover that there are layers and levels to everything…

Especially Manifestation of Material Abundance…
Some people struggle just to buy healthy food or pay their bills...
Other people make only enough money to go on a nice vacation once a year...
And a few people on our planet… have access to a truly unlimited waterfall of material abundance...
It flows from impactful businesses, dream homes, exotic resorts, and beautiful island retreats.

But at this moment in time… you are only able to access a few tiny drops of that abundant stream of manifestation…

One huge reason that many people DON’T have this type of abundance flowing into their lives is because they are NOT walking their Soul Path, they are NOT fulfilling their mission.

Because The Universe rewards you with ABUNDANCE when you share YOUR gifts with the world [FIRSTNAME]!

But right now… you’ve only began to unlock just the very first of many energy centers, . 

You’re a complex being with more than one body…

You have a wise spiritual body, a curious human body, and an energetic auric body composed of 7 important chakras -- the crown, the third eye, the throat, the heart, the solar plexus, the sacral, and the root.

Your Grandmaster Astro Tarot Reading has the ability to connect you back to your crown chakra -- or the energy center that connects you with your spirit guides, ancestors, and angels that wish to see you fulfill your divine soul mission. 

Each serve a different purpose, but in order for any of us to live in our highest vibration, they must all be open to the giving and receiving of energy. 

I’ll go over them really quickly for you:
The crown is right above your head and connects you to the divine intelligence and wisdom of the universe.
The third eye is in the middle of the forehead and connects you to your divine intuition.
The throat is located right around your vocal chords and empowers you to speak your truth.
The heart is located around the chest and it gives you the ability to give and receive unconditional love.
The solar plexus is located in the upper abdomen and is directly connected to courage and confidence.
The sacral is located below the navel and produces creative, sexual energy.
The root is located at the base of the spine and helps with grounding and manifestation into the physical world.
Many people walk around with all of their chakras blocked…

But you, [FIRSTNAME], are very special because you’re already more in tune than most people. 

Your Grandmaster Astro Tarot Report will finally connect you with the sacred messages your guides have had waiting for you, opening up your third eye, engaging your heart chakra, and hopefully empowering your solar plexus chakra (the energy center of confidence) which is all half the battle

But There Is More You Could Be Doing To Step Into Your Highest Vibration, Especially When Attracting Wealth and Abundance…

I’m sharing all of this esoteric knowledge with you because I want you to know that this is bigger than just growing your bank account. 

Your guides want you to know that an abundant life gives you the ability to truly live all of the adventures that the human experience has to offer…

No, abundance is not as basic as a dollar amount (although that can make life easier). You can have...

More time. 

More energy. 

More freedom. 

More resources. 

More love to give and receive. 

There are many things that you can do to make sure that all of your chakras are open to the giving and receiving of energy. 

This can include physical activity to get the body working on that area, stimulation through foods related to that chakra, or even practicing mantras to ignite that energy center. 

However, there’s nothing quite like having the sovereignty and resources to do all of these things and more when you can get into a flow state.

What the chakra system can really teach you is that you’re meant to give and receive. 

Naturally, you’re attuned to the innate ebbs and flows of abundance through the chakra system.

You give some energy, you take some energy. 

You receive some money, you give money gracefully. 

This is just a reflection of how the ebbs and flows of abundance should be reflected in everyday life. 

That is the secret they don’t want you to know. 

As we all learned through the Law of Conservation of Energy, “Energy is neither created nor destroyed.” 

There is no “shortage” of energy just as there is no “shortage” of wealth and abundance for you to tap into, [FIRSTNAME].

This personal and powerful transformation that can make life better for those around you too.

Your friends and family are depending on you to create a life of security, of happiness, and flow. 

Right here, right now, you have the power to transform their world -- starting today.

Experiencing Abundance Is Easy… If You Know How!

Would you believe it’s actually incredibly easy to create a life filled with material abundance?

I know it sounds almost too good to be true, but seriously, [FIRSTNAME], all you have to do is open your mind. 

I’ll prove it to you just now.

It might sound silly to ask, but you know those social media “influencers?”

Well...they’ve cracked the code to manifestation...even if they don’t even realize it themselves. 

Everything Moves Extremely Fast -- Which is Great for Manifesting Abundance, By The Way!
In order for these influencers to make the crazy amount of bank that they do online, they literally just follow these 5 simple steps:
They get creative -- they’re only as limited as their mind is.
They bring their idea to life using technology -- they can visualize it, hear it, connect to it emotionally (and so can their viewers).
They express their idea to the world by posting it online.
They rack up their followers attention -- another word for energy!
They make big bucks off of their innovation.
You can learn two things from these young influencers. 

First, they’ve discovered that the universe does in fact have options for you that don’t require you to compromise on what you want. 

I mean… anyone of any age can be an influencer with no ceiling gap and complete freedom to do what they want when they want.


Well, big corporations and businesses understand that the real energy current (current = currency) is people’s attention nowadays. 

No, I’m not trying to convince you to become a social media influencer, [FIRSTNAME]. I mean, unless your spirit is called to explore that, then go ahead! 

Secondly, influencers have harnessed the power that can be found in creative expression. 

Remember when I was challenging you to use your imagination and dream up a day in your perfect life? 

Well, don’t stop there at dreaming or thinking -- express it visually, vocally, and emotionally so that the universe can hear your call! 

What I’m trying to highlight is that your mind is extremely powerful and should never be limited. 

The more creative, imaginative, expansive, and expressive you are when inviting abundance into your life, the more that you will be rewarded. 

But… There’s a Problem...

Even if you've learned the skills of intuitive reading and began mastering your mind and emotions with Intuitive Reading Apprenticeship...

Unless you are aware of the exact words, phrases and abundance “scripts” needed to vibrate at the frequency of abundance...

How can you possibly manifest the MONEY needed for your dream life?

That's why so many people in our Intuitive Reading Apprenticeship… community have asked to create even more powerful tools designed specifically to align your brain’s neural pathways with the frequency of material abundance.

Because THIS truly is the secret to wealthy people.

Over the course of many years they have trained their brains to see and expect wealth.

And Here's A Secret...
You've Already Taken The First Step [FIRSTNAME]...

You’ll have the child-like curiosity and imagination to generate wealth and a dreamy lifestyle for you and your family!
You will understand that you’re simply a reflection of this limitless, powerful, unstoppable Universe through unlocking all 7 of your energy centers starting with your crown chakra!
And you’ll truly be able to step into your divine soul purpose because money won’t be an overwhelming factor that controls your time, energy, and freedom in life!
You see, these younger generations seem to understand that creating wealth is not just about hard work…

It’s about freedom, fun, passion, and purpose! 

Everyday you should wake up and feel immensely grateful for all that you’ve been able to attract and everything that’s on it’s way to you! 

This reality is not far away at all….

In fact, your guides, angels, and ancestors have told me that they have bountiful blessings just waiting for you to receive! 

The Wealth Blessings I've created specially for you Chris is like your own personal genie granting you the exclusive access to your subconscious mind (the place dreams are made of when you rest every night!) to align your energy with wealth like Oprah and millions of others!

Here’s What’s You’ll Receive In Your Wealth Blessings Program...

[FIRSTNAME], when you don’t limit HOW the Universe will deliver your dream life to you, there are far more ways it can happen.

And Wealth Blessings enables you to not only attract the money to buy what you want, but it can help you attract those things directly as well.

Let me explain how this powerfully transformative 3-week program aligns your very being with the energy of manifestation attracting unlimited abundance into your life...
This powerful tool will help you to erase every single trace of doubt and self-sabotage that’s currently preventing you from attracting unlimited financial and material abundance into your life.

You’ll dive deep into an intense exploration of your most intimate thoughts - the beliefs and thought patterns that shape your perception of who you are at the core of your being.

It will empower you with the ability to take control of your financial life in every way imaginable, including paying off bills and receiving unlimited amounts of money (even from unexpected sources) into your life.
When you embrace gratitude and appreciation for everything you currently have, being thankful for every single blessing in your life, the Divine Stream of Universal Abundance gives you even more.

This is one of the most exciting ways to draw more material blessings into your life, quickly and effortlessly.

You’ll discover how to have a magnetic money mindset, allowing you to freely spend money on whatever your heart desires without any worry about how much money you’ll have afterward.
Multiply your prosperity mindset and master the art of abundant living, just like Lori Greiner and other successful entrepreneurs.

Embrace the blessings of affluence that allow you to live a life filled with creativity, health, love, and global impact like Marianne Williamson.

With every single blessing you receive, you will magnify your ability to manifest even more financial blessings.
And… you’ll also receive a powerful bonus when you claim your Wealth Blessings program today:
Wealth Creation: Your Free Guide to Quicker, Easier Financial Prosperity.
In life, you can do things the easy way or the hard way...

The Wealth Creation guidebook is filled with advanced investment strategies Amber and I have used for many years to get rid of all our debt, create multiple thriving businesses that each help tons of people, and a lifestyle where we never have to check the amount in our bank accounts no matter how much we spend!

You'll also get another incredibly beautiful and empowering gift (it’s my favorite)...
Transformative Renew Affirmations for Your 3-Week Program
Each week, you’ll also receive a bonus audio program filled with some of the most thoroughly tested and well loved affirmations for instilling a prosperous wealth mindset deep into your personality.

Language is an incredibly powerful force for rewiring your brain’s neural pathways to be in alignment with the Divine Stream of Universal Abundance, [FIRSTNAME].

With these affirmation audios, you will quickly and easily create a NEW mindset that naturally gravitates toward success and abundance… without having to do extra “homework”!
Available Today Only:
Hidden Wealth Messages
As I mentioned earlier, being generous is one of the most powerful things you can do…

And people like and people like Oprah and Ellen prove it!

These 3 subliminal wealth audios are spread out during your 3-week Wealth Blessings program to maximize its effectiveness.

Instead of only learning new financial abundance-building strategies… you will subliminally MASTER them, and your transformation will be quicker and easier than ever.

This Is a Limited-Time Offer Exclusively for Intuitive Reading Apprenticeship Members Like You!

With the level of investment and time I spent creating these transformative audio programs... I’d be willing to bet you'll agree it's worth a LOT if it delivers even one tiny change to your financial situation, right?
Once you begin unlocking these attractive energy centers in your aura, drawing in financial prosperity and redirecting the flow of abundance into your life, you’ll begin to see a ripple effect that expands your financial future and truly opens up your mindset so you can reach the next level of abundance on your Soul Path.

Many of our students have said it’s worth over $1,000 because of the abundant financial blessings it has brought into their lives.
Dream home upgrades (like a $25,000 infinity pool)
Vacations to exotic islands, including a $20,000 healing and yoga retreat in Bali.
Weekend getaways to private resorts, spas, and couple retreats costing thousands.
And even a personal chef ($200/hour)…
These are only a few of the enormous blessings our students have received in the last few weeks alone!
But I also know you don’t have this power quite yet, [FIRSTNAME]

So don’t worry, because I'm not going to charge you $1,000.

When I release this program to the public very soon, I will charge less than a quarter of that price, only $197… even though the value of this powerful 21-day abundance growth program is easily worth $997 or more.

But because you’re a member of my Intuitive Reading Apprenticeship family, I want to give you an incredible deal on this life-changing program.

I’m taking 72% off the price non-members have paid and giving you a members-only discount… but please understand, [FIRSTNAME], this offer is only available on this page now.
When you claim the Wealth Blessings program right now, you’ll receive the power to magnetically attract financial blessings into your life and MAGNIFY your financial gifts, including the inside secrets that have manifested over $20,000 in a single weekend for me... and helped me transform from battered, broken, and broke to an entrepreneurial millionaire who is helping empower others like you to do the same!

All for just $47.
Instead of simply learning new wealth-building strategies… you will subliminally MASTER them, and the transformation will be faster and easier than ever.

You won’t just tap into a new world of financial success…

You will walk into a vault of infinite wealth that’s built just for you - and waiting for you to open the door right now!

These wealth and abundance tones are carefully calibrated musical frequencies that penetrate your subconscious and transform your mindset from scarcity to prosperity in just minutes... and it's all GUIDED!

You can use them at any time of day… or listen to them when you go to sleep for effortless transformations and 8 hours of extra wealth creation each night.

Click the "Yes! Want Prosperity NOW” Button below to receive this special offer and unlimited abundance.
Regular Price $197, Today $47


Here’s Why People Love Wealth Blessings:

Astro Tarot Reading Member
Ever since I was a little girl, I've wanted Mercedes. I just love the elegance, the luxury. I just knew it was the right car for me. But I never thought I'd actually be able to get one. I'm so glad I as wrong!
Bethany W.
Astro Tarot Reading Member
4 minutes. That's all it took, 4 freaking minutes!! My best friend called me up with extra tickets for a cruise. I can't wait to see what else the Universe has for me.
Michelle M.
Astro Tarot Reading Member
For years, I wanted to get a Kate Spade bag. Not a rip-off like I usually got. Three  days later, I was ready to buy one... only I didn't have to! When I went in the store and picked out my favorite bag, the cashier told me I could have it free because I was their 100th shopper of the day. I didn't even know there was a contest going on!
Rebecca H.
Sure, I can put a price tag on Wealth Blessings and tell you this investment in your future is worth $47….

But only YOU can decide how much it’s truly worth to you!
Will you start an Airbnb business to cover your mortgage?

Will you invest in real estate to create a college fund for your kids or other loved ones?

Will you start a coaching business making an extra $2000 a month?

Will you pursue a dream career you didn’t believe you could do before?

Will you create your own transformative product that changes people’s lives while getting paid VERY well to do so?

Will you become a speaker and earn $10,000 for keynote speeches where you inspire thousands of people?

It’s all up to you, [FIRSTNAME]!
But one thing I know for sure is that this program is worth well over $1,000… and you’re receiving this today, along with 2 bonus gifts, for just $47.

Remember, this is a special offer exclusively for Intuitive Reading Apprenticeship members like you.
Regular Price $197, Today $47


365-Day Money-Back Guarantee:
Absolutely LOVE The River Of Wealth Universal Abundance… Or It’s Free!
I know you’re going to adore your Wealth Blessings program.

And I don’t want ANYTHING to hold you back from receiving this blessing in your life!

So I’m extending my 365-day money-back guarantee to include your Wealth Blessings purchase.

If you don’t love it for any reason at all, I’ll happily give you a full refund.

Even if you just don’t like all the attention and freedom you’ll receive in your new lifestyle, you can still get a refund, no questions asked, and no hard feelings.

But believe me[FIRSTNAME]… once you get a taste of living a fully abundant life, you’ll NEVER want to even think about your old life!

Your Life Of Blessings Begins In This Exact Divine Moment.

Click the button below now to upgrade your order and get unlimited access to the Divine Stream of Universal Abundance now!
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I know you’ve struggled in the past, [FIRSTNAME].

But that ends NOW.

You’re about to begin a journey into a magical world of prosperity you’ve never even come close to experiencing before.

And WHY haven’t you been able to experience this type of abundance before?
It’s not because you’re a bad person. It’s not because of karma.

It’s NOT your fault AT ALL, [FIRSTNAME]!

It’s simply because your energetic body hasn’t opened up all of it’s energy centers to giving and receiving all types of abundance and wealth…

How can you expect to vibrate on a frequency of flow when you’re energetically clogged up? 

Maybe you’ve been dreaming of an exciting vacation… or simply the chance to get a relaxing massage.

This is your moment, and I can’t wait to see the gifts you choose to manifest.

Click the “YES!” Button to get started for 72% off as an Intuitive Reading Apprenticeship member...
Regular Price $197, Today $47


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