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If you’re feeling a bit sluggish today, it’s because Mars has begun retrograding in the sign of Aries. The cosmic energy is much slower than you’re probably used to.

Astrological Energy Shift: Mars RX in Aries September 9, 2020 - November 13, 2020

When Mars collective energy shifts, it affects your energetic body, especially your passion and drive concerning your projects, work-life, and even your libido.

Although Mercury Retrogrades get the most chatter among the spiritual community, Mars Retrograde can be just as catastrophic.

It’s better to have an understanding about his shift in energy ahead of time as to not confuse your lack of motivation for your gut feeling deterring you from continuing your projects.

The technical details of Mars Retrograde is that Mars actually begins rotating backward in the zodiac sign that it’s stationed in (Aries in this case). This means that the energy that it normally presents is also moving “backward.”

When Mars is moving forward, you might feel very motivated and have a lot of drive and ambition towards your goals, especially when Mars is in its cardinal home in Aries.

But retrogrades will actually present the opposite energy and you might feel blocked from moving forward.

If you don’t have a deep-rooted connection to the tasks and projects at hand, your energetic body will not have the normal vigor to get up and do what you need to do.

Considering the fact that we’re in the midst of Virgo season, you probably already feel called to detox mentally, physically, spiritually, etc.

Mars Retrograde in Aries will highlight the areas in your life where your true passion does not lie so you can move away from those things that don’t fit your life.

Maximize This Energy

This is the perfect time to reassess your current projects and your typical approach to getting what you want and obtaining your true desires.

From now up until November, you’ll feel more drawn to be introspective than asserting your usual Mars aggressiveness or assertiveness.

While most are willing to climb their way to the top in a competitive rat race, the name of the game right now is alignment.

Try to find healthy outlets for your competitive, argumentative energy to avoid passive aggressiveness with those close to you.

If a new project presents itself, you might hesitate. And that’s okay!

This is the time to feel through things and take an extra pause to see if you’re aligned with the events presenting themselves to you.

Go Deeper

Find where Mars is transiting in your chart during the retrograde period. You’ll see where you might be drawn to focus on affairs associated with that house and/or planet.

Look deeply to see what needs to be reassessed in that area of your life. Then make the changes needed so you are ready to move forward when Mars goes direct again on November 14th.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I will receive divine guidance on what things and people belong in my life and which ones are holding me back on my path. And I will be patient with myself during this time of introspection, knowing my plans will unfold in divine timing.”

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