Let's Face It [FIRSTNAME], No Amount Of Money In The World Can Make Up For Losing Your Health... So This May Just Be The Most Powerful Gift Of All!

This secret is truly a diamond in the rough…

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I know all too well what it’s like to be surrounded by the clouded feeling of uncertainty, the dragging feeling of stagnation, and darkness. 

This is why this gift is so important to me -- this gem literally changed my life. 

For Many Years I Battled Depression and Anxiety

I hadn’t always lived in the “ideal” conditions growing up. 

Unfortunately, my parents subscribed to the lack mindset rather than ever coming to the realization that even they too were on a divine soul mission that could have unlocked their code to abundance. 

Living in impoverished conditions caused a domino effect in our lives.
Both my mother and my father were more faithful to their ego then their spiritual connection to the Universe, so my childhood home wasn’t always the most inviting place to be…

Even going to school was a struggle because I didn’t feel confident in myself.

We could never afford to eat healthy, nutritional foods that actually fueled my body and brain, so of course that was also reflective in my appearance. 

I just felt like I never fully connected with the vessel I was in, which is an integral piece of the Universal trinity: mind, body, soul…

These negative experiences had pushed me to take that leap of faith and spontaneously leave to visit my ancestral family near the Himalayan mountains before graduating High School to truly find myself -- or rather, connect back all the parts of myself. 

As the old saying goes...
"A Man’s Relationship With His Father Has a Huge Impact On How He Sees Himself..."
I am sad to say that although our home appeared to be happy on the outside, my mother was very verbally abusive to my father and I could tell that his confidence was directly affected by this. 

Instead of turning inward, he turned towards a bottle of liquor to heal his wounds.

Not only did he deal with stress -- the biggest cause of disease in the body -- but he ended up developing liver disease, his immune system weakened dramatically, and of course, his mental health was hanging on by a thread.

Auto-immunity Is the Immune System Being out of Whack and Attacking the Body Instead of Invaders like Bacteria and Viruses

Even though I knew these were bad habits to take on, I still internalized a lot of his behaviors and developed my own auto-immune issues myself, type 1 diabetes.

Once I had been diagnosed, I saw flashes of my childhood flash before my eyes…

At the time of diagnosis, I was only 17! 

One of the things that I learned on my journey is that diabetes is the 17th leading cause of death in the United States. 

Again, I hadn’t even graduated high school yet! 

On a spiritual level, I knew that I had way too much to do in this lifetime to give up on my future like that.
I was on a mission to learn everything I could about auto-immune issues. They are typically triggered by 3 things…
Genetics (which I had from my father and grandparents)
A virus
An incredibly stressful event or period of time
With the stress from living in an abusive home…

Having been exposed to the disruptive behaviors of an alcoholic early on…

Combined with a lack of awareness about health and wellness, I knew that the odds were stacked against me. 

And I began getting VERY sick for REAL.
After about Two Months of This, My Body Said “enough!” I Had Just Split a Coca-Cola With My Mom….Then BOOM! After Becoming Faint and Incoherent, I Passed Out On The Floor!
I found out later that was my first diabetic induced shock that almost led me to a coma.

I could not continue on this way -- I knew that my body wouldn’t let me. 

The Sherpas (indigenous people of the Himalayas) helped me with understanding more about natural medicines and holistic health when I finally ventured out on my own. 

I had already done a TON of research and learned everything I could about healing with supplements, a healthy diet, cleansing, juicing, fasting…

I tried essential oils, chiropractic, acupuncture, deep tissue massage, cupping, and lots of other natural healing modalities.

And most of them helped, but…

I still had very low energy and many days of complete exhaustion when I would push too hard or not get enough sleep.

I still had to be very careful about everything I ate and take my insulin in order to maintain a “healthy” state. 

Things were getting better with my health, but they were far from great.

As I had begun conducting more astrology and tarot readings, I began to notice that I needed more energy to be able to truly tap into energetic fields to get an accurate reading. 

As woo-sah as I may seem when conducting a reading, this practice takes a lot of energy to connect to the spiritual realms around us.

I knew that if I wanted to reach Grandmaster Level with my readings, I would have to take my health and wellness to the next level. 

I had hit a wall with my research.

Then something magical happened...
When We First Arrived, I Met The Instructor.
Her Name Was Ironically HOPE, And She Truly Glowed From The Inside Out…
She Wasn’t Just In Great Shape Physically....
...I could feel the beautiful energy radiating all around her. And she exuded peace and balance.

She was bursting with energy and vitality like no one I’d ever seen in my life!

And I was flat-on-the-floor shocked to find out that she was 60 years old!

I was nearly a third of her age at the time, but you wouldn’t have guessed it by how I looked.

The years of stress and health issues had made me look at least 35 years old and I was barely in my early 20’s at this time. 

I asked her how much yoga and exercise I’d have to do to look and feel like her.
Hope said, “almost none.”

I didn’t believe my ears. This yoga instructor just told me I had to do almost no yoga to be like her?

“So, what DO I need to do?” I questioned…

Hope smiled and began speaking softly, her voice like a gentle breeze...

“Yoga Happens in Your Mind First. Visualize Your Body Becoming More Energized and Youthful.”
It made perfect sense, and the research I found when I got home proved it.

In fact, people who visualize themselves exercising actually grow and change their muscles!

Even Your DNA Can Be Rejuvenated and Repaired Through Visualization and Meditation.

Mental exercises like meditation are just as important as physical exercise…

And if you’re stressed out, it’s even more critical to calm your mind.

Honestly, I began pulling these mental AND physical exercises into my daily routine and my reading skills reached a new level -- Grandmaster Level!

This was the missing piece that I had been searching for so long -- the key to better health, more confidence, and a divine connection to Universal Intelligence that enhances spiritual intuition -- on a conscious and subconscious level.

I Developed a Program That Shares These Health and Wellness Secrets That Took Me a Quarter of My Lifetime To Figure Out...

And You're About To Get Access To It!
I decided to call it Health Blessings, because that's exactly what this can be, a true blessing!

It even uses the same Vibrational Sound Technology as Intuitive Reading Apprenticeship…

But instead of learning your intuitive and emotional abilities,  

This targets the #1 cause of "DIS-EASE" which is stress in your immune system - down to the cellular level - and uses sound vibrations and guided meditation to improve your health and energy!

This Program Rejuvenates You and It Even Repairs Your DNA

Yes - your DNA can actually get longer and stronger, helping you stay young and possibly even increasing your lifespan!

You’ll receive 21 days of a deeply healing, purifying ritual in an easy-to-use audio program.
Here’s what’s included in Health Blessings:
You will enter a deep, meditative trance that allows you to connect deeply with your body and discover your current physical state.

And you’ll create a healing environment using alpha waves that give you full control over your health, mind, and body.

You will experience a soft, relaxing state, full of purifying, healing energy.
This week, you will discover your own sensory temple within your mind.

You’ll fill yourself with powerful, healing energy that gives you the vitality and youth you want and deserve.

You can even target specific areas of your body that need deep healing and reduce chronic pain in those areas.
You will improve your physical and mental health to benefit both you and your loved ones.

You’ll be making their lives better too as you reduce your pain, anxiety and depression.

You’ll take control of your internal energy and allow only positive feelings and thoughts to enter and manifest in your mind.

And you will discover the Goal-Focus Technique that allows you to prevent pain from entering your mind and body.

Finally, you will help extend your lifespan through DNA-boosting guided meditation.

Feel the Energy, Self-confidence, and Radiance You Want… Without Having to Starve Yourself or Feel Unhappy!

Good health is the key to a great life.

But... doing difficult workouts that stress you out is NOT the way to get healthy!

In fact, many people damage their health and ruin their energy levels by going on extreme diets and using draining workouts.

Instead, you can begin to feel the natural rejuvenation and purifying energy of Health Blessings within just a few minutes.

The first thing you will notice is that it feels incredibly refreshing.
Like I Said... Oprah and Ellen Can't Buy Good Health

But You Can Get Full Access to Health Blessings Right Now and Begin Feeling Incredibly Young and Energized Today!

I have to be honest with you, [FIRSTNAME]

This is not a regular health program!

We’re launching Health Blessings to a limited audience of just 500 people to start with as part of a research program.

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And ALL I ask in return for giving you this limited-time offer is that you send me a short email describing your experience.

Specifically, I want to know how it impacts your self-confidence, happiness, energy, and youthful radiance.

If you can do that for me, I’ll let you in for just a fraction of the retail price.

But You Can Get Full Access to Health Blessings Right Now and Begin Feeling Incredibly Young and Energized Today!

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Like I said, this is part of a research program, so you’re getting an amazing deal on it.

In exchange for your 66% off discount, all I ask is that you send me a quick email to tell me about your self-confidence, energy, happiness, and youthful radiance.

And of course, generosity is a HUGE KEY to manifestation, so I want to share a few extra gifts with you today, [FIRSTNAME]
Deep Restoration Affirmations Audios for Your 21-day Journey

(Free Gift Worth $67)

Olympic athletes and Shaolin Monks use guided meditation, visualization, and affirmations to align their bodies with their minds and desires.

By listening to these health affirmations during your 3-week program, you will physically change and improve your body with the power of a stress-free mind.

You can naturally trigger a powerful transformation in your body with this free bonus gift today.
A Vibrant & Healthy YOU

(Normally $49)

Have you ever wondered why “naturally thin people” don’t have any problem staying thin?

It’s not because of their metabolisms…

It’s because they subliminally LOVE leafy greens, salad, and other refreshing veggies!

These subliminal audios replace bad habits with a natural desire for the foods that keep you in shape and feeling great about your body.

You won’t believe how much you’ll crave fruits and veggies after listening to this FREE 3-week bonus program! (Retail price: $49.)

Oh, and there’s another gift for you, [FIRSTNAME]
Ancient Power Of Breathwork

(Usually $17 - Your FREE!)

It’s easy to forget how important your breath is.

It provides oxygen to your brain, fuels your metabolism, refreshes your mind, and gives you the essential energy you need to blossom every day.

Instead of letting your breath “happen on its own,” you can finally take control of this essential process and use it to improve your health and happiness.

And… if you’re keeping count, that’s $142 in free gifts...

But only if you get the Health Blessings program right now!
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Health Blessings Member
I was physically sick when I first started the program. Tons of nausea and headaches, non-stop. But from the very first session, I felt better. Now, I'm just health... I feel incredible! So much energy and focus!
Minnie P.
Health Blessings Member
I've been recommending it to my patients. A lot of them are surprised when a doctor recommends something natural instead of just shoving pills down their throat, but it works, it's effective, and it has no side effects!
Dr. Rita J.
Health Blessings Member
The woman in my family have a lot of health problems. I've always done yoga and ate clean vegan foods, but I knew I could do something a little more. This program was the answer! I haven't felt this good since I was in high school.
Karen M.

AND Yes [FIRSTNAME], You Still Get a
365-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

365-Day Money-Back Guarantee:
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Your health is the most important form of abundance you have.

It gives you the power to chase your dreams, reduce your pain, and enjoy a long, happy life.
Regular Price $97, Today $37

Health Blessings has helped me personally to have a lot more energy so I can now help many more people on my Life Path!

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Regular Price $97, Today $37
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