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The Courses

The Core Pillar that Makes the 
Blessed Life Membership SO Powerful  is the Hyper-Specialized Programs You Get Access to Each Month... 

Choose From Half a Dozen Programs Each Designed to Multiply and Magnify a Specific Area of Your Life Using the Power of Brainwave Entrainment

Guided Single Sessions

If You're Looking for a Change from Your Current Program but Don't Want to Start a Whole New Course... 

The Single Tracks are the PERFECT Solution for you. 

You Can Get a Fresh New Guided Meditation Session at the Push Of a Button...

Brainwave Tuning Archive

If You Want to do Some Self Work Just Using the Power of our Sound-Wave Technology...

 The Binaural Tracks are the Simple Solution for You. 

These Tracks are Free from any Pre-Selected Guided Meditation so You Can Read Your Own Affirmations While Listening... 

Or Even Get Your Own Guided Track Recorded Yourself and Listen to Them Both at the Same Time to Create a Truly Custom Manifestation Solution.

Manifestation Members Vault

The World's Most Extensive Library of
Personal Development, Spirituality and Self Help Videos Ever Made... 

You'll Discover Incredibly Rare Mind-Altering Videos from the Brilliant Minds of Jim Rohn, Anthony Robbins and Bob Proctor Inside... 

and You'll Find it Nearly Impossible 
to Find More Value in One Place Anywhere Else.

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Blessed Life Membership includes over 1,000 hours of audio programs, ebooks, guided meditation sessions, subliminal audio tracks, and cutting-edge research…

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Everything is broken down into easy-to-navigate categories, so you can find exactly what you need at any moment.

You’ll also get 30+ bonus binaural audio programs designed to spark incredible changes in your mind and body, including…
Boost Your Creativity
Brain Chemistry Equilibrium
Cellular Rebirth
Lucid Dreamscape
Chronic Pain Relief
Mitochondrial Repair
Cerebral Harmony
Comprehensive Healing
Focused & Alert
Magnetic Fortune
Motivate Your Mind
Release Anger
Plus many more!

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Even though I've personally spent thousands of dollars ($1,000’s) collecting the videos, books, and audio programs that I'm sharing with you today…

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Regular Price $197/mo. Today Only $3.95
After 14 days your membership is billed at $47 Monthly (only $1.23/day)


Look... I’m a big daydreamer. So I get it.

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By clicking accept, you agree to the payment terms of this recurring product.
Regular Price $197/mo. Today Only $3.95
After 14 days your membership is billed at $47 Monthly (only $1.23/day)


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By clicking accept, you agree to the payment terms of this recurring product.
Regular Price $197/mo. Today Only $3.95
After 14 days our membership is billed at $47 Monthly (only $1.23/day)


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